Breastfeeding is an art that can be learned and Support-Lait is there to support you through all stages. Our activities are aimed at all and take place in the openness and respect of the choices of each one.

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Coupon Booklet Sale

"It takes a village to raise a child" - African proverb.

A coupon booklet contains 2$ coupons that are good for various tasks and errands that will help the new parents once they are home.
A booklet resembles a checkbook and the coupons are filled out by close ones wanting to offer help to the new parents. A coupon is then given to the parents in exchange for helping with tasks and the kids. The goal of the coupons is to lighten the new parents workload, for the first few months, once they returned home with the baby. The help received can give the parents time to make acquaintance with their new baby and also help them get back on their feet (getting back on their feet after giving birth). The booklets are also available during breastfeeding information sessions. You can contact the organization at [email protected].
A coupon booklet is an excellent gift idea for a baby shower, the birth of a child and other occasions. If you are an organization, another help group, or a business and would like to distribute coupon booklets to your clients, you can by buy them in advance.
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