Breastfeeding is an art that can be learned and Support-Lait is there to support you through all stages. Our activities are aimed at all and take place in the openness and respect of the choices of each one.


About Supportons-Lait

Women have lovingly breastfed their children for thousands of years... But, with the arrival of infant formulas, our mothers and grandmothers often chose not to breastfeed. Nowadays, we are aware of the benefits and advantages of breast milk. Since breastfeeding is an art that can be learned, it is important to get all the support and information, either by close ones, a breastfeeding coach, or through activities offered by your breastfeeding support group.
“Supportons-Lait” is a breastfeeding support group offering services in Chaleur Bay, Gaspésie. Through the means of activities, or with the support of a breastfeeding coach, we are able to accompany the mother, the father, and the new family’s close ones in every breastfeeding phase. Whether it is during the pregnancy, to better prepare oneself, throughout the phases of mothering, or when it is time to wean the baby, a resource is readily available to respond to your needs.
On this website, you will find a description of our services and activities, information on breastfeeding, links to other resources, and the best pictures of your breastfeeding moments. Furthermore, our volunteers will be presented to you.
We invite you to browse our website and take knowledge of all that we have to offer!